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Yornadaiyn Woolagoodja

Book cover of Yornadaiyn Woolagoodja

Yornadaiyn Woolagoodja

Author: Yornadaiyn Woolagoodja

Illustrator: Yornadaiyn Woolagoodja

Publisher: Magabala Books

Yornadaiyn Woolagoodja’s commitment to representing his “Country and Culture … to help people understand” is the premise of this extraordinary book.

In Yornadaiyn Woolagoodja, the senior West Kimberley artist takes the reader through an intimate exploration of Country, Lalai (Creation), family, and the ancient and dynamic art and cultural practices of his two homes – his Woddordda homeland, and Mowanjum.

A wide range of subjects and key historical events are brought to life through vivid narrative. The reader is introduced to Woolagoodja’s family – including his father, the renowned Woddordda Lawman Sam Woolagoodja; the significance and detailed processes of caring for and “refreshing” traditional Wandjina cave artworks and stone arrangements; and the journey of the Dambimangari Native Title determination.

The text is interwoven with artwork reproductions, landscape photographs and illustration, providing a multilayered expression and immersive reading experience. Beautifully produced, this book exists as a remarkable record, offering a rare opportunity to learn and to understand.

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