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Writing WA Board Observership Program

I was looking for a way to gain experience and learn about governance in the arts. It can be tricky to access that knowledge and experience and I’m grateful that I will be able to apply and build on what I’ve learned.
Eleanor Hurt, Observer, 2021

I saw it advertised and I was curious about being involved with a board. That it encouraged individuals with a CaLD background to apply, is what actually inspired me to do it.
Chemutai Glasheen, Observer, 2020

About the Program

The Observership Program is a Writing WA initiative intended to provide emerging arts practitioners with a structured experience of governance processes and responsibilities and the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

Two Observership opportunities are being offered in 2022, each for a 12 month duration.

During this period Observers will be given the opportunity to attend Writing WA Board and Sub-Committee meetings, and to participate in those meetings as non-voting members. To increase their governance skills and knowledge, Observers will also receive one-one mentoring throughout the period from individual Board members.


Writing WA is aiming to develop and support diverse participation across arts boards in WA generally, and within Writing WA’s Board specifically. Opportunities are therefore encouraged from candidates who identify as belonging to one of the following communities:

  • Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander
  • CaLD
  • Living with a Disability

One Observership opportunity will be reserved for / allocated to a candidate who is below 35 years of age.

Applications are welcomed from candidates across WA. In the event that a successful candidate is resident in regional WA, participation will be arranged via Zoom or similar interactive platform.

Observers will be expected to:

> Prepare for and attend up to 6 Writing WA Board Meetings.
> Participate in additional mentoring activities as may be offered (to be identified in consultation with the candidate).
> Be available to meet with a designated Board member in advance of Board meetings (to prepare for meetings) and in follow-up to debrief.
> Engage in a debrief at close of the Observership and provide feedback on their experience.

A minimum commitment of 36 hours over the 12-month duration is anticipated.

To Apply

Applications are currently closed but will reopen again in the second half of 2022.

Applications will be assessed by a panel convened by Writing WA’s Board of Management. This panel will include at least one assessor independent of the Writing WA Board of Management.
Successful candidates will be expected to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to commencing the Observership.

Enquiries to: Sharon Flindell, s.flindell @ writingwa.org




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