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Our Values


Our Code of Conduct outlines the principles, values and beliefs of Writing WA (‘this/the Organisation’), as a guide for the behaviour of all related parties. Staff, board members and consultants working on a contractual basis are expected to comport themselves according to the guidelines of this code. Members of the Organisation, visitors and/or guests are asked to likewise respect these guidelines. 

Acknowledgement of Country

Writing WA recognises the First Nations peoples of Western Australia as our first memory holders and storytellers. Writing WA respectfully acknowledges that it is located on the land of the Whadjuk Noongar people. We pay our respects to the traditional custodians of this Country.

Objectives of this Code

  • To express organisational values and shared beliefs.
  • To support individuals within the Organisation in making clear the expectations for conduct, and in scaffolding the ability of all to navigate situations of ethical ambiguity.
  • To promote excellence and a high ethical standard for all behaviour and activity.
  • To provide a clear statement and grounding for governance.
  • To offer public accountability.

Core Values:

Writing WA believes in the following eight principles and values as central to ethical and moral conduct. We see these values as integral to our belief in the importance of writing as both an art-form and as a community.

  1. Respect

As a value, respect comes with a remit for openness and tolerance, to all peoples and creative endeavours. We believe in the importance of inclusion, equity and diversity in all activity and representation. In making the acknowledgement of country above, we likewise recognise the sovereign rights of First Nations peoples generally, and the value and importance of their contemporary living cultures.

  1. Equality

We recognise the right of all to be treated with equality and justice, and in the right of all to freedom. Inclusion within a community signals that individuals not only have these rights but equally a responsibility to conduct oneself with integrity in perpetuating them for others. Discrimination, abuse and/or exploitation in any form will not be tolerated. Any behaviour which has the effect of demeaning another is unacceptable to this Organisation.

  1. Honesty

The requirement for honesty as a key value invokes likewise a requirement for responsibility and care in taking action. It demands ethical operations, transparency and due consideration, both in the organisation and individuals.

  1. Passion

As an organisation, we see it as our duty to be passionate supporters of the writers and literature of Western Australia. We aim to both espouse this quality ourselves, and enable the possibility of passion in the creative endeavours of other across the sector as a whole.

  1. Excellence

The organisation will promote and pursue excellence, both in the writers and organisations we support, and in our own operations.

  1. Advocacy

As an organisation, advocacy for writers, writing and writing-related organisations is our core purpose and should underpin our organisational decisions and strategy. We commit to acting as best serves writing and literature in Western Australia.

  1. Collaboration

We uphold collaboration as an essential element within our remit. We aim to work in ways which demonstrate and encourage reciprocity and authenticity in promoting the efforts of the sector.

  1. Sustainability

Finally, we believe in the importance of sustainable development and hold as a core value the desire to support sustainable living and give consideration to environmental impact.

Obligations of the Organisation:

  • To ensure that all activities are conducted in such a manner as complies with the core values of this Organisation.
  • To recognise, acknowledge and undertake consultation with the First Nations peoples of any Country on which a Writing WA event is held.
  • To ensure that the conduct of individuals associated with the Organisation meets with and is held to the standards of our core values and beliefs, and meets with requirements of the Writing WA’s Constitution and Codes (see ‘Related Documents’).
  • To ensure that conduct on the part of any individual or Organisation which sits in contradiction to the core values of Writing WA is not upheld, promoted or celebrated in any way.

Obligations of Individuals:

  • To uphold and act in accordance with the Organisation’s core values, and the obligations of the Organisation.
  • Behave honestly and with integrity, according to the values of this Organisation, upholding standards of equity, equality and justice in all activity and considerations related to the Organisation.
  • Comply with all applicable laws, and act in accordance with the rules of the Organisation, complying in doing so with the standards of the Incorporated Associations Act (2015), Writing WA’s Constitution, and the Codes of the Organisation.
  • Ensure that the Organisation is in every way meeting the requirements of these Codes.
  • Recognise that failure to accord with these Codes or the broader Rules of the Organisation may lead to ramifications.

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