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The process of creating a book is rarely the solitary undertaking that many people imagine it to be. Great books are the product of successful collaborations at every stage of the process, requiring effort and expertise from the writer, the editor, the publisher, the book designer, the printer and, eventually, the bookseller and librarian.

In these pages we have commissioned a number of articles to help you understand some of the key aspects of this process.  For the answers to questions such as What do agents do?; What do manuscript assessors do?; How can you edit your own work? explore the resources available here.

If you are planning a career as a professional writer, then How Writers Earn Money is an essential read.

If your writing ambition is to write your biography or your family history then read this article for a step-by-step guide to the information you will need to get started and see your project to completion.

And if you think you have a great idea for a book but would prefer to pay someone else to write it for you, then our article on Using a Ghost Writer is a recommended read.

There are also many organisations working hard across our State, supporting our creators and contributing to our literary culture – from writers centres and groups, to publishers, librarians, book sellers and writers festival organisers. To find the people and resources you are looking for, click on these links:

I want to join a writers centre or group.
I want to find an editor or manuscript assessor.
I want to find a book designer or illustrator.
I want to find a publisher.
I want to find an agent.
I want to know about competitions, awards and other professional opportunities.  

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