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If you belong to a book club and are wondering what book you should read next, check out the titles in our Book Club and subscribe to receive our free Love to Read Local e-news. Each month we add to our book club recommendations with a new-release title that we’ve selected as our ‘Book of the Month’, and provide accompanying notes to prompt discussion in your group!

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Book of the month

Book cover of Smart Ovens for Lonely People by Elizabeth Tan

Smart Ovens for Lonely People, Elizabeth Tan (Brio Books)

Conspiracies, celebrities and therapies underpin this beguiling short story collection from Elizabeth Tan. A cat-shaped oven tells a depressed woman she doesn’t have to be sorry anymore. A Yourtopia ...

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What we are reading

Book Cover of Recipe for Risotto by Josephine Clarke

Recipe for Risotto

  • Author: Josephine Clarke
  • Publisher: UWA Publishing

Josephine Clarke grew up in the South West of WA, the daughter of Italian immigrants. Recipe for Risotto is her first poetry collection, however her work has been published in …

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Book cover of Littlelight by Kelly Canby


  • Author: Kelly Canby
  • Publisher: Fremantle Press

Something is amiss in the town of Littlelight — someone has been taking bricks from the walls surrounding the town. The mayor is mad! That wall keeps the town safe! …

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Book cover of Worse Things by Sally Murphy

Worse Things

  • Author: Sally Murphy
  • Publisher: Walker Books

The beauty of verse novels is that they can articulate complex feelings and strong emotions in just a few words and Sally Murphy is a master of this genre, as …

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Book Cover of The Place Between by Suzanne Moore

The Place Between

  • Author: Suzanne Moore
  • Publisher: Journeys to Words Publishing

Told through the perspectives of three strong-willed women, The Place Between is a fascinating exploration of motherhood, memory, and the legacy of childhood trauma. Sarah’s relationship with her mother has …

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