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Book of the month

Book cover of Invisible Boys by Holden Sheppard

Invisible Boys, Holden Sheppard (Fremantle Press)

In a small town, everyone thinks they know you: Charlie is a hardcore rocker, who’s not as tough as he looks. Hammer is a footy jock with big AFL ...

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What we are reading

Book cover of Invisible Boys by Holden Sheppard

Invisible Boys

  • Author: Holden Sheppard
  • Publisher: Fremantle Press

Told in turn from the perspectives of three very different boys, Holden Sheppard’s Invisible Boys is a powerful and compelling debut by a talented new voice in YA fiction. Introverted …

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A Thousand Tongues

  • Author: Ian Reid
  • Publisher: Framework Press

Ian Reid twists together three tales in an examination of conscience demonstrating that “what is right” is rarely a singular narrative or universal truth. As two post-grad student historians in …

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The Lost Stone of SkyCity

  • Author: HM Waugh
  • Publisher: Fremantle Press

HM Waugh’s debut novel is a captivating adventure-quest sparkling with humour and wisdom, set amid treacherous mountains where being attuned to one’s surroundings is more crucial than strength to survival. …

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Book cover of Ollie and Augustus by Gabriel Evans

Ollie and Augustus

  • Author: Gabriel Evans
  • Publisher: Walker Books

Ollie and Augustus, the first picture book Gabriel Evans has both written and illustrated, is a whimsical homage to dogs and the power of friendship. Despite their obvious differences – ‘Ollie …

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