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Book of the month

Book cover of Skyglow by Leslie Thiele

Skyglow, Leslie Thiele (Margaret River Press)

From the miraculous to the mechanical, Skyglow delves into the complexities of mundane life to discover truth and balance within it. Thiele’s collection of stories contains an eclectic mix ...

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What we are reading

Book cover of How to Make a Bird by Meg McKinlay

How to Make a Bird

  • Author: Meg McKinlay
  • Publisher: Walker Books

Meg McKinlay and Matt Ottley’s exquisite collaboration How to Make a Bird will not equip you to create an avian creature. But through the hypnotic poetry of McKinlay’s text and …

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Book cover of Shore Leave by David Whish-Wilson

Shore Leave

  • Author: David Whish-Wilson
  • Publisher: Fremantle Press

Fans of David Whish-Wilson’s crime fiction will be over the moon to discover that former detective Frank Swann is back in Whish-Wilson’s latest offering, Shore Leave. It is 1989 and …

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Book cover of Skyglow by Leslie Thiele


  • Author: Leslie Thiele
  • Publisher: Margaret River Press

Leslie Thiele’s debut short story collection Skyglow gracefully explores an array of issues that will sit with you long after closing its cover. From the miraculous to the mechanical, Skyglow delves into the …

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Book cover of Many Maps by Bill and Jenny Bunbury

Many Maps: Charting Two Cultures: First Nations Australians and European Settlers in Western Australia

  • Author: Bill and Jenny Bunbury
  • Publisher: UWA Publishing

Essentially, Many Maps explores the interaction between Western Australia’s First Nation peoples and their European colonisers. Across six chapters, and over 170 years, it ‘maps’ a history that draws upon …

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