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Book of the month

Book cover of Out of Time by Steve Hawke

Out of Time, Steve Hawke (Fremantle Press)

Architect Joe Warton and his partner Anne are easing into comfortable semi-retirement when Joe notices gaps in his memory. At first he keeps his discovery to himself, becoming skilful ...

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What we are reading

Young Dark Emu: A Truer History

  • Author: Bruce Pascoe
  • Publisher: Magabala Books

Bruce Pascoe wants our children to rebel. “We need our children to rebel … If we don’t encourage them to demonstrate or protest, then we need to instil the wisest …

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  • Author: Kirli Saunders
  • Publisher: Magabala Books

This wonderful debut collection by Kirli Saunders, a multi-talented Gunai woman, deserves wide acclaim. Her themes are country, family, Indigenous issues, identity, connection, love and loss, and the role of …

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  • Author: Sue McPherson
  • Publisher: Magabala Books

Brontide tells the stories of Rob, Pen, Benny Boy and Jack, a mix of Aboriginal and white boys who are in conversation with narrator Sue over the course of a …

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Baby Business

  • Author: Jasmine Seymour
  • Publisher: Magabala Books

The women and children of a family group gather to welcome a new baby to Country. The Aunties explain the steps of the traditional smoking ceremony (smoke on the baby’s …

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