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Westerly editor Catherine Noske’s debut novel The Salt Madonna delivers a searing indictment of mob mentality and the stories people will tell – and fervently believe – to sustain their way of life. …

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Stacey and Isak long for another child and decide to sign up for an experimental genetics program that offers them a chance to add to their family while supporting them …

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Return Ticket is the third and final book in Jon Doust’s One Boy’s Journey to Man trilogy. When Jack Muir gets off the ship in Durban, South Africa, he doesn’t …

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Dervla McTiernan has rapidly cemented her place among contemporary bestselling crime fiction greats by producing in quick succession two expertly crafted and beautifully written character-driven novels in The Ruin, and The Scholar. …

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Fans of rural fiction will enjoy Fleur McDonald’s new offering, Starting From Now. Part romance, part crime novel, the story features 25-year-old rural journalist Zara, who is torn between her …

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