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Specialising in: Public readings, talks, festival appearances

Books to touch and tickle hearts ♦ Children's book author ♦ Schools presenter ♦ Conference speaker ♦ Children's advocate ♦ Affirmative vandal ♦ Hooligan of hope ♦ Champion of social and emotional wellbeing in children ♦ BUZologist ♦ When he's not hanging out with the local magpie population, Steve uses his forty years of experience…

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Suzanne wrote her first play at the tender age of nine, as entertainment for her classmates during their sewing lessons... Since then, she has practiced and honed her writing for performance techniques; become a published and performed playwright; won numerous grants and accolades for her plays; and passed on her skills and passion for performance…

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Anna Jacobs

I write popular fiction, both modern and historical stories, mainly about families and relationships. These are set in both Australia and the UK, where my publishers are based. I'm the 5th most borrowed author of adult fiction in the UK. I have 93 novels published now and more in the pipeline. What can I say?…

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Manoj Joy

About the book- Rehtaf Title: "Rehtaf: Father of the Fatherless" Book Description: "Rehtaf: Father of the Fatherless" is a captivating debut novel that takes readers on an emotional journey of self-discovery, healing, and the pursuit of identity. Written by Manoj Joy, this compelling story explores themes of family, trauma, and personal growth based on his…

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Katrina Kell was born in Scotland and moved to Australia as a child. Her award-winning writing includes historical fiction, young adult novels, short fiction, poetry, essays, and journalism. A vivid and unforgettable dream was the inspiration for Chloé. The unpublished manuscript of the novel won an Australian Society of Authors Award Mentorship, and Katrina’s PhD…

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