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Being Virtually Active

Live events are a mainstay of most writers’ and illustrators’ income streams.  However, in a changing world there are many reasons creators might want or need to move their live activities online. To help you get started on the path to hosting your own virtual events, familiarise yourself with the various software options that are available and decide which of these might best serve your needs.  Here are some that we recommend you explore:


Zoom is video conferencing software. Because it has one core function, it has many great features that are not included in more broad software such as Teams.
Zoom 101: Sign Up and Download Software

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a piece of software made for collaboration. You can share files, collaborate on online documents, audio call and video conference. In short, it can be used to video conference but it can do so much more. It does not included in a free Microsoft account but has great integration with other Microsoft apps.


WebX is video conference software which is used by the WA Department of Education.

YouTube Live

Instagram Live

Google Hangouts

Google Meet

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