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Anna Jacobs


I write popular fiction, both modern and historical stories, mainly about families and relationships. These are set in both Australia and the UK, where my publishers are based. I'm the 5th most borrowed author of adult fiction in the UK. I have 93 novels published now and more in the pipeline. What can I say? I'm utterly addicted to telling stories.


Anna Jacobs, storyteller, 93 novels published, more on the way. I usually write 3 new novels a year. I didn't study writing formally, and I'm glad of that, but I read how-to books by authors I admired. I did do a Master of Business degree and that really helped me with that side of writing. It isn't enough to tell stories, you also have to interact with the world and earn a living. I have given hundreds of talks to library audiences and other group. I also run occasional workshops on the technical skills of writing, especially a master class in writing popular fiction.

Relevant qualifications

Highest level qualification - Master of Business

93 novels published as of 11/03/21

Now writing modern or historical novels, usually 3 per annum

Recent experience

I have given hundreds of talks to readers, many workshops on various aspects of writing, including Master Classes for WA writing centres and talks in libraries. Mostly now I write - it takes a lot of hours' work to produce three long novels a year.


Marrying Simone

Marrying Simone

Publisher: Allison & Busby UK

Publ. date: 2020

Genre: Modern

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Email [email protected]


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