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Wave after Wave: Writers from the Indian Ocean

Book Cover of Wave After Wave

Wave after Wave: Writers from the Indian Ocean

Author: various contributors, ed. Robert Wood

Publisher: Centre for Stories

This diverse collection of writing – short fiction, poetry and memoir – probes the notions of home, heritage and belonging with bravery and perspective. Through ten fresh and insightful voices, we’re reminded that we in WA are but one splash of humanity among the many regions that rim the Indian Ocean. But we’re also reminded of the rich commonalities across cultures in the collection’s explorations of place, coming of age, gender, loss, identity and religion. Among Wave After Wave’s sixteen works, Michael Joboy’s haunting poem “End of Line” explores ageing; Patrick Gunasekera’s “Both/And” touches on belonging and identity; Priya Kahlon’s “Dear Mama” delicately voices an offspring’s love and regret; Priyadarshini Chidambaranathan’s “Cosmic Dance” describes a woman taking control of her story; and Raihanaty A. Jalil’s memoir “Gaming the Skin” plays on the complex shades of racism (from well-intended to violent) that wearing the hijab and having ‘latte’ skin can elicit.

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