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To Hold the Clouds: Emerging Writers from Perth

Book cover of To Hold the Clouds

To Hold the Clouds: Emerging Writers from Perth

Author: various contributors, ed. Camha Pham

Publisher: Centre for Stories

To Hold the Clouds is a collection of writing which began in a mentoring and hot desk project run by the Centre for Stories. In order to qualify for inclusion, the emerging writers were those living in Western Australia who identified as culturally and linguistically diverse. This opportunity to improve their craft in a supportive environment has produced a fascinating collection of stories and poems and novel excerpts.  Some of the work is sad, some is challenging; all of it is well-written and thought-provoking. The themes are displacement, loss, hope, community, loneliness, and friendship, and the reader will be asked to examine their own life as they travel the lives of the fine writers in this book.

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