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The Deadly Daylight

The Deadly Daylight

Author: Ash Harrier

Publisher: Pantera Press

Twelve-year-old Alice England is a little unusual. She works in her father’s funeral home and often gets messages from the dead through possessions that were special to people. Though she is curious and whip-smart, Alice finds it hard to make friends.

This gently unfolding adventure draws the reader into the richly detailed world of Damocles Cove, using the setting of a funeral home to traverse such themes as living with an unusual allergy, the importance of being yourself and the value of persistence. The mystery at its heart – a death that Alice quickly identifies as suspicious – is engaging and fun, especially when the main characters are simultaneously navigating their first year of high school. This debut novel is a thoroughly enjoyable read and the perfect launchpad for a what should become a popular series.


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