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Z for Zanto

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Zanto, Nala and G-Nut are caught in the zombie apocalypse and flee to the Third State before the government bombs their town. Unfortunately, Zanto has been infected (and has inadvertently …

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James likes to play in the backyard, pretending he’s off on amazing adventures as a superhero, a warrior, an astronaut! One day he follows a trail of ants disappearing through …

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This is a re-edited version of a popular book first published in 2012 as Bubbay: A Christmas Adventure, written by acclaimed storyteller Josie Wowolla Boyle with new illustrations by Fern …

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Yinti is a Walmajarri boy growing up in the Great Sandy Desert in the North West of Australia. The Yinti series (Yinti: Desert Child, Yinti: Desert Dog, and Yinti: Desert …

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Set in Victoria in 1853, Blood in the Dust is a fast-paced novel from the winner of the best unpublished manuscript category of the Wilbur Smith Adventure Writing Prize. When …

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