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Owl and Star

Owl and Star

Author: Helen Milroy

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: October 2022

Owl and Star is a gentle story told in the style of a traditional tale – perfect for sharing with little stars at bedtime. Owl likes to sit on his branch and watch for the stars to come out in that magical time between day and night, sleep and wake. One night Little Star doesn’t appear and a worried Owl sets out to search for her. When Sun and Moon note Owl’s devotion and persistence, they step in to safeguard both friends and bring the tale to a reassuring conclusion.

Milroy’s striking illustrations feature eye-catching patterns against the deep blue of a night sky. Woven through the narrative is the importance of caring for Country and the value of friendship, resilience and connection. The dedication page reads, ‘For all the stargazers’ and this is the first book in a new series inviting readers to appreciate the magic of stars.


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