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Zeroes & Ones

Book cover for Zeroes & Ones by Cristy Burne

Zeroes & Ones

Author: Cristy Burne

Publisher: Brio Books

Published: 2018

Take a trip through technology’s history, starting with old friends like Ada Lovelace and moving through to CAPTCHA tests and the high achievers of more recent times. Zeroes and Ones is visually arresting in black, white, and pops of yellow. Information in small chunks of text is rounded out with graphics-style illustrations, amusing historical anecdotes, quotes and weird facts, and historical photographs with humorous captions. At the end of each chapter readers are offered a set of philosophical questions and activity challenges. Readers are also asked to consider the negatives that arise from advancements in technology − think advertising, privacy issues … and a possible robot apocalypse. Whether they dip in or read through chronologically, upper primary students will find this an entertaining and informative tour of the milestones of technology. (Bring pizza.)

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