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Z for Zanto

Book cover of Z for Zanto

Z for Zanto

Author: Jayne Lyons

Publisher: Vivid Publishing

Zanto, Nala and G-Nut are caught in the zombie apocalypse and flee to the Third State before the government bombs their town. Unfortunately, Zanto has been infected (and has inadvertently infected his friends) and they are all sent to a prison for zombie orphans. Zanto dreams of playing soccer for Real Magique some day and Nala wants to become a doctor. So when Zanto learns they will never be released he comes up with an escape plan. He’ll need his soccer skills, Nala’s martial arts know-how and G-Nut’s moonwalking abilities (well, they can’t leave G-Nut behind … ). Fans of zombie fiction will love the danger, horror and gross gags. With a humorous touch, Lyons’ third children’s novel is a page-turner dystopian adventure and an allegory for the plight of displaced children. Z for Zanto is a not-for-profit collaboration with Save the Children.

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