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Women of a Certain Rage

Women of a Certain Rage

Author: ed. Liz Byrski

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Twenty Australian women from a wide range of backgrounds, beliefs and ages have contributed to a thought-provoking anthology on the notion of rage and our complex relationship to it. Among the contributors are writers, teachers, academics, politicians and medical professionals, articulating diverse experiences, perspectives and concerns. Through memoir, personal essays and cultural critique, Women of a Certain Rage offers insightful reflections on, and interrogations of, topics such as the neglect of an elderly relative, ableism and patronising responses to disability, the Uluru Statement from the Heart and immigration detention among others. Yet some of the most powerful pieces are also the most deeply personal. They are filled with heartbreak and humour, empathy and despair, as well as honesty, courage and passion. Whether you are a reader or a writer, Women of a Certain Rage is a valuable example of the potential power and impact of creative non-fiction.

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