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Wombat, Mudlark and Other Stories

Book Cover Wombat and Mudlark

Wombat, Mudlark and Other Stories

Author: Helen Milroy

Publisher: Fremantle Press

This collection for younger readers is told in the style of traditional teaching stories. In these instructive tales you will meet not only Wombat and Mudlark, but also a lonely whale, an enterprising penguin, a helpful comet, a sad sun, a cheeky lizard, Little Dingo, and many other fellas. This charming book serves to both entertain and educate, and will provide a wonderful platform for discussion, art and imaginative play. Author Helen Milroy is a descendant of the Palyku people of the Pilbara region. She was raised in Perth, studied medicine at UWA and currently specialises in child and adolescent psychiatry.

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