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Willy-Willy Wagtail: Tales from the Bush Mob

Book cover of Willy-willy Wagtail

Willy-Willy Wagtail: Tales from the Bush Mob

Author: Helen Milroy

Illustrator: Helen Milroy

Publisher: Magabala Books

Bold illustrations and beautiful book design contribute to the appeal of this endearing story book. This is the first in a series of Western Australian bush creature stories from the author. As a descendant of the Pilbara Palyku people, Helen Milroy references traditional Indigenous story-telling. In this first book, three episodes feature the plucky Willy Wagtail and her efforts to unite the bush creatures in a shared language. Understanding each other becomes particularly important when disaster strikes!
This is a captivating read for parents reading to children up to the age of about 10 as well as independent readers. The depth of the stories will engage more mature children while the artwork will attract all book lovers.
The next two books in the series are due for release in July and October 2020.

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