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The Wreckers’ Revenge

The Wreckers’ Revenge

Author: Norman Jorgensen

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Red Read finds himself expelled from his Perth boarding school, and awaits twenty lashes with a birch. Fortunately, smuggler Captain Black Bowen intervenes and soon Red is back aboard the Black Dragon (with a very sore backside). Fans of the first book in the series, The Smuggler’s Curse, will be thrilled with Red’s second adventure on the high seas. There are dangers ahead as the crew faces a cyclone, a treacherous reef, bloodthirsty pirates, and contagious disease. The world of smugglers and pirates is not a gentle one. There’s a good dose of gore and violence – and questionable scruples – as everyone postures and dodges to avoid disaster … and a chance at William Dampier’s treasure. In among all the marauding, readers will find themselves pondering the meaning of justice, revenge, and belonging. This is action-packed historical fiction for older readers 10+.

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