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The Werewolves Who Weren’t

Book cover of The Werewolves Who Weren't

The Werewolves Who Weren’t

Author: T.C. Shelley

Publisher: Bloomsbury

This magical adventure story is the second book in the series that started with T.C. Shelley’s debut novel, The Monster Who Wasn’t. The main character, Sam, is a likeable soul, half-monster, half-fairy, who inhabits two worlds. When the story begins, he is living a human life with a loving family and is starting secondary school. This has its own challenges and before too long, Sam is plunged back into the monster realms because his shape-shifting chums are being kidnapped. This engrossing tale has a fast pace and plenty of action, along with many twists and turns. It will appeal to middle-school children who enjoy the fantasy genre.

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