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The Valley

Book cover for The Valley by Steve Hawke

The Valley

Author: Steve Hawke

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: 2018

The Valley is Steve Hawke’s stunning first novel for adults. Set in the Kimberley, mostly in Bunuba country, the novel charts four generations of a family whose secretive lives are centred on a hidden valley that once sheltered frontier war hero Jandamarra. As the descendants trickle from the valley to work the nearby cattle stations, an incident in Broome brings a father and son home to country, seeking answers. The narrative skilfully moves backward and forward through time, as well as laterally, resulting in a circular storytelling style that deftly gathers all the strands of history together as the novel veers toward its startling conclusion. The Valley is a generous and heartwarming story that is beautifully written, bringing the characters and country to vivid life.

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