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The Sweetest Egg of All

The Sweetest Egg of All

Author: Helen Milroy

Publisher: Magabala Books

Published: February 2022

Written and illustrated by Dr Helen Milroy, an award-winning author and descendant of the Palyku people of the Pilbara region, The Sweetest Egg of All is a vibrant picture book with an enduring lesson at its heart.

Children will fall in love with the characters of Gecko, Thorny Devil and Scrubby Python, a well-meaning but misled trio who, against the backdrop of an exciting adventure, are taught that stealing and deceiving their friends is wrong. Working together is a much better idea than working against each another.

This is the third book in the Tales from the Bush Mob series, which collectively teaches the importance of respect for First Nations culture and country, while also demonstrating the various ways that courage, wisdom and perseverance can bring communities closer together.

The book’s large A3 format promotes interactivity – parents can read aloud while kids have the freedom to point and touch the colourful pages – making it a great addition to any family bookshelf.

3-13 June

Love to Read Local Week 2022