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The Subjugate

The Subjugate

Author: Amanda Bridgeman

Publisher: Angry Robot Books

In the near-future eerie metropolis of San Francisco, surveillance drones buzz overhead, technology protecting, serving and – since the neuro-tech Crash of 2040 – unsettling citizens. The gruesome murder of a young woman in an outlying tech-free, deeply religious community gets tough detective Salvi Brentt chasing not only a killer but also the truth about her troubled new senior partner Mitch Grenville and herself. Amanda Bridgeman establishes an absorbing network between the city police hub, the unincorporated, off-the-grid Christian community of Bountiful, and the nearby high-tech Solme Complex – a facility devoted to the manufacture of electricity-producing BioLume and the rehabilitation and delivery to Christianity of violent sex criminals. The array of tech concepts and gadgetry is thought-provoking and will have fans of the Bond books’ and movies’ Q Branch drooling, but ultimately humans and their vulnerabilities are at the heart of the story. This is the first novel in Bridgeman’s ‘Salvation’ series.

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