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The Shearer’s Wife

Book cover of The Shearer's Wife by Fleur McDonald

The Shearer’s Wife

Author: Fleur McDonald

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Rural fiction has become a broadly recognised and popular genre in recent years and Fleur McDonald is one of its brightest stars. Her latest novel, The Shearer’s Wife, takes readers back to the country town of Barker and into the lives of its residents, including well-known characters Dave Burrows and his wife, Kim.

This intergenerational story starts with Rose, a shearer’s wife, and her arrival in Barker in 1980, and is juxtaposed with present-day events in the town including a drug bust as Detective Burrows, his offsider Jack, and journalist Zara Ellis race against time to uncover the truth about the accused, who is a much-loved local resident.

McDonald deftly captures the essence and pace of rural living and her characters feel like old friends. Grab a copy of this book, find yourself a hammock and a glass of something cold, and relax into this satisfying and enjoyable read.

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