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The Sensation

The Sensation

Author: Amanda Bridgeman

Publisher: Angry Robot Books

In this follow up to The Subjugate, The Sensation further fleshes out a near-future San Francisco: think Silicon Valley gone feral. The technology for neural implants has been hacked and enhanced by bespoke drugs for the rich and powerful; this drug tech scourge has now hit the streets and the body count is climbing. Just recovered from her experiences in The Subjugate, our heroine, Detective Salvi Brentt, must go undercover in the city’s high end nightclub scene to find the source of this new nightmare scenario. What follows is a rollicking ride, a heart-in-mouth journey through the neural pathways of this future metropolis. How far will Brentt be willing and able to go in this ‘fyte’ between good and evil; what depths of depravity will the privileged be enfranchised to plumb; and what does it really mean to be human in this age of the algorithm?

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