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The Monster Who Wasn’t

The book cover of The Monster Who Wasn't by T.C. Shelley

The Monster Who Wasn’t

Author: T.C. Shelley

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Hatched from the fluke melding of a baby’s first laugh and an old man’s last sigh, the imp boy Sam looks like a human but can scale walls like a gargoyle monster. Helped by the kindly cathedral gargoyles and resident angel Daniel to escape the implacable monster-king Thunderguts, Sam journeys into the world of humans. But beset by banshees, pixies and general wickedness, can he elude Thunderguts and find any pack to which he truly belongs? In language and imagery rich, playful and poignant, this adventure for young readers artfully questions what it means to be human. Though drawing from centuries-old folklore, its 200-plus pages are infused with modern humour and verve. It will probably be best appreciated by ages 9 and up. The Monster Who Wasn’t is a sparkling debut for T.C. Shelley, and Bloomsbury has wisely scheduled a sequel for 2020.

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