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Stars in Their Eyes

Stars in Their Eyes

Author: Jessica Walton

Illustrator: Aśka

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: October 2021

Jessica Walton and Aśka have packed a lot of things into this vibrant new YA graphic novel. It’s pacy, cheeky, funny, romantic — all while telling a brilliant, focused story about a young person exploring their identity, forming new relationships, and navigating a world that is challenging, but doing so from a place of support and love. Maisie’s relationship with her Mum is portrayed refreshingly, and it’s great to be immersed in a narrative where LGBT+/queer identity is allowed to be (and celebrated as) a positive exploration. The artwork and text work beautifully together throughout the book, able to move between thoughtfulness and humour with ease while sustaining the energy of the story.

It’s a book that will be a welcome discovery for many young readers, and for “grown-ups” it’s a thrill to know this kind of story is on the shelves. Stars in Their Eyes is a lot of fun, and the library of West Aussie books is richer for its publication.

Stars in Their Eyes is available to pre-order now from Fremantle Press and all good bookstores for delivery in October.

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