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Scam at Five Mile Road

Scam at Five Mile Road

Author: Mike Mackay

Publisher: MMH Press

Published: November 2021

Secrets get uncovered when Jack Rhodes is around, whether their holders like it or not. Tough, smart and with a ruthless streak tempered by a sharp moral compass, Rhodes is a forensic investigator whose skills are in high demand, especially from private companies who want trouble sorted out quietly. But when Rhodes is hired by his sometimes-lover Stella West to investigate missing money and mysterious deaths at her factory in Michigan, the wintry storm of corruption he finds himself enmeshed in becomes louder and more dangerous the deeper he goes.

Scam at Five Mile Road is the latest assignment given to Rhodes by Australian writer Mike Mackay, who introduced this gripping character in Scam at Old River, also from MMH Press. Written with page-turning pace, characters who guard their secrets and a deep sense of place in the Michigan cold, this is a top winter thriller.

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