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Author: A.J. Betts

Publisher: Pan Australia

Rogue is the phenomenal second novel in the duology that began with Hive. Teenaged Hayley has been ejected from her insular underwater world and is adrift in a vast ocean. She washes ashore and finds herself an innocent outlier in a perplexing and foreign world. For readers though, this world will be terrifyingly familiar; it has been ravaged by the effects of climate change and mass extinctions, and huge numbers of people are on desperate quests for survival. Hayley is resilient and curious, and as she navigates her way towards safety and a sense of belonging, she finds much that is awe-inspiring and full of wonder, both everyday – plums! pie! dogs! – and momentous – love. This clever, beautifully crafted and prescient story tackles the biggest issues of our times. Don’t miss out on this brilliant series by thinking it is just for young adults.

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