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Ollie and Augustus

Book cover of Ollie and Augustus by Gabriel Evans

Ollie and Augustus

Author: Gabriel Evans

Illustrator: Gabriel Evans

Publisher: Walker Books

Ollie and Augustus, the first picture book Gabriel Evans has both written and illustrated, is a whimsical homage to dogs and the power of friendship. Despite their obvious differences – ‘Ollie was small – like a pickling jar or a shoebox. Augustus was big – like a fridge or a table” – the pair is inseparable and their contrast in size lends itself to some humorous images of them enjoying favourite pursuits such as tree climbing and weekend trips to the beach. They are a living embodiment of the adage that opposites attract and although they don’t always agree and sometimes fall out they usually make up by lunchtime. Ollie’s well-meaning attempts to find a suitable companion for Augustus while he is at school are amusingly depicted in simple sketches that are full of movement and expression, with the occasional pop of red used to great effect. Dog lovers in particular will recognise the various breeds and identify with their canine antics. This delightful tale emphasises the importance of being happy in your own company and recognises that it’s OK to be different.

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