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Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures

Book cover of Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures

Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures

Author: Josh Langley

Illustrator: Josh Langley

Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

Magnificent Mistakes and Fantastic Failures is the perfect guidebook for readers of any age (but especially the young) and anyone who has ever felt that making a mistake was the end of the world, that they don’t fit in, that they have been dropped off on the wrong planet or that no one else feels the way they do.  A deceptively simple book with a powerful message about being true to yourself and building resilience, this book offers ways to tackle the challenge of finding the good when things seem bad and transforming mishaps into opportunities.
Navigating childhood and adolescence can be challenging at the best of times and in the current COVID-19 pandemic, levels of anxiety and doubt may escalate at an unhealthy rate. Books such as this provide a wonderful window into other lives and reassure us that we are not alone in our thoughts and feelings. These positive messages of hope and self-acceptance, accompanied by quirky, humorous cartoon drawings, offer comfort, reassurance and solutions in a direct and practical way.
Inspirational and positive, this book deserves a place in home and school libraries and would make an ideal gift for an anxious child. Teachers Notes are available from the publisher, Big Sky Publishing.

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