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Looking for Lily

Looking for Lily

Author: Kristy Nita Brown

Illustrator: Alison Mutton

Publisher: Self-published

This is an enchanting adventure that follows four sprites with attitude and heart. With its fast-paced plot, memorable characters and engaging illustrations, Looking for Lily is perfect for young readers graduating to chapter books.

When one of their siblings goes missing, a small family of sprites rally to find her. They are funny and cheeky, clashing entertainingly with the book’s other characters. Their determination and bravery, coupled with capabilities and strength beyond their size, infuses Looking for Lily with inspirational messages about friendship, courage and the environment.

This is a book packed with plenty of humour and action, with several parts that would prove hilarious to read aloud by parents. Even reluctant readers will be hard-pressed to put this one down. Copies can be ordered via www.kristynitabrown.com.

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