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Jimmy Dean’s Last Dance

Jimmy Dean’s Last Dance

Author: A.K.Alliss

Publisher: Spectrum

Published: October 2021

This genre-defying novel weaves together crime, action and US history with a liberal dash of wry humour. Categorised as an ‘alt history noir detective novel’, the book’s writing is lively in style and tone – highly evocative of 1960s America.


Readers will recognise famous figures such as James (Jimmy) Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley as they are cast into a tale that reimagines the circumstances of John F Kennedy’s assassination. Best mates Jimmy and Elvis unwittingly find themselves in the centre of the action as lovable stooges in a somewhat elaborate scheme to kill the President.


Jimmy Dean’s Last Dance is fast-paced, consistently engaging and vastly entertaining for anyone who loves to lose themselves in a great story. It’s especially likely to delight readers who enjoy a good conspiracy theory! 

3-13 June

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