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Goldfields Girl

Book cover of Goldfields Girl

Goldfields Girl

Author: Elaine Forrestal

Publisher: Fremantle Press

By modern standards life on the goldfields was tough but many men, firmly in the grip of gold fever and lured by the prospect of finding an easy fortune, were prepared to endure all sorts of privations. Little is known of those times from a female viewpoint so, in telling the tale through the eyes of 14-year-old Clara Saunders, author Elaine Forrestal deftly explores this period in history from a fresh perspective. Through feisty Clara we learn of the resourcefulness, determination and resilience of those early women pioneers. Based on the life of the real Clara Saunders and thoroughly researched using original documents held at the JS Battye Library, this tale will capture the reader’s attention and bring the 1890s to life for a new generation. Teachers will find it a useful addition to the resources on this important chapter in Western Australian history and the development of the town we now know as Coolgardie.

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