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Fiona Wood: Inventor of Spray-on Skin

Fiona Wood: Inventor of Spray-on Skin

Author: Cristy Burne

Illustrator: Diana Silkina

Publisher: Wild Dingo Press

Fiona Wood was born into a UK coal-mining village and her family encouraged her to grab every opportunity. Biographer Cristy Burne takes us on a fascinating journey through Wood’s childhood and ongoing gender discrimination, her fight for a chance to study medicine, and the challenges she later faced as a surgeon. Wood’s spray-on skin invention revolutionised the treatment of burns worldwide. Her expertise was vital in the aftermath of the 2002 Bali bombings when her team at Royal Perth Hospital treated twenty-eight patients for complicated burns. This is the first title in the ‘Aussie STEM Stars’ series of narrative non-fiction about Australians’ achievements in the fields of science, mathematics, engineering and technology. The book includes grayscale illustrations, break-out boxes, a glossary of terms, and burns first aid instructions. This is an inspiring story for ages 10+ about standing up for what’s right and the power of persistence.

Teachers’ notes are available from the publisher.

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