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Filthy Fergal

Book cover for Filthy Fergal by Sigi Cohen

Filthy Fergal

Author: Sigi Cohen

Illustrator: Sona Babajanyan

Publisher: Yellow Brick Books

Published: 2018

What do you do when you are the filthiest and most repugnant thing in town? So much so that the rats leave town and the Mayor proclaims your stench as a problem requiring “fifty crates of super-strength detergent”? You set off to find a place where you can belong. Filthy Fergal is the follow up to Cohen’s highly successful debut picture book, My Dead Bunny. Matching clever rhymes and an obvious love of all things grotesque, Sigi Cohen delivers a stinky character who embraces his uniqueness despite what others think. Sona Babajanyan’s illustrations enhance the murk and filth of the narrative, resulting in a story you will want to fully embrace yet possibly follow with a quick hand sanitiser afterwards.

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