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False Claims of Colonial Thieves

Book Cover for False Cliams of Colonial Thieves by Charmaine Papertalk Green adn John Kinsella

False Claims of Colonial Thieves

Author: Charmaine Papertalk Green and John Kinsella

Publisher: Magabala Books

Published: March 2018

This is a powerful and heart-wrenching book that deserves a wide readership. In this dialogue of beautiful, strong poems, two accomplished poets share their ecological concerns about the devastation of land and culture in Western Australia due to colonisation, capitalism and the mining industry. A duet of voices, speaking with both tenderness and outrage, about the crimes against the Yamaji people, against the salmon gums and the salt-parched earth. Both Charmaine Papertalk Green and John Kinsella were raised in the Wheatbelt, and their personal histories about country create a commanding discourse that demands to be heard.

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