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Driving into the Sun

Book cover for Driving into the Sun by Marcella Polain

Driving into the Sun

Author: Marcella Pollain

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Published: January 2019

Marcella Polain’s debut novel was the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize shortlisted novel, The Edge of the World, published by Fremantle Press in 2007. Driving into the Sun is her second novel and it is set in Perth in the 1960s. A beloved father drops dead on his way to work, leaving behind complex family dynamics; an inattentive wife, a pre-adolescent daughter and another, younger, daughter, all of whom must adjust to life without their provider. Henrietta the mother, Orla the daughter, and Deebee the toddler deal with the absence of their father and husband while negotiating a suddenly uncertain world with strangers lurking at windows and an aunt from Ireland offering joys they can only dream about. Privileging the child’s point of view, this warm, tender and lyrical novel is full of fragments, absences, unknowing and inexplicable mysteries that are never entirely explained. Marcella Polain’s thoughtful storytelling needs to be read slowly to absorb its shifts, descriptions and interiority.

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