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Devil’s Ballast

Book Cover Devils Ballast

Devil’s Ballast

Author: Meg Caddy

Publisher: Text

Devil’s Ballast is a meticulously researched and marvelously told tale based on the real-life story of 18th century pirate, Anne Bonny. At eighteen, Anne Bonny has already escaped a violent marriage. Disguised as a cabin boy she finds her way onto a pirate ship and into the arms of its captain, Calico Jack Rackham. However, her ex-husband, James Bonny, will do whatever it takes to find her and Pirate hunter, Captain Barnett, willingly accepts the challenge. A work of historical fiction, Devil’s Ballast draws on both real and imagined characters and events, with Meg Caddy acknowledging that when it comes to Anne Bonny and her fellow pirates, ‘there is some difficulty sorting the historical from the fiction’. Devil’s Ballast is a fun, fascinating and fast-paced read that places the reader firmly in Anne Bonny’s corner, while also exploring the complexity of her character, adventures and misdemeanors. Not just for lovers of pirate stories or historical fiction, this is a ripping tale for teenagers and adults alike.

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