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Death Leaves the Station

Book cover of Death Leaves the Station

Death Leaves the Station

Author: Alexander Thorpe

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Death Leaves the Station is Alexander Thorpe’s thoroughly delightful debut novel. Set in 1927, it is a classic whodunnit peopled with idiosyncratic and memorable characters, including a nameless friar, Mariana Harris with her mysterious Spanish parentage, and Detective Sergeant Parkes, whose moustache is used to excellent comedic effect. Thorpe’s witty descriptions are laugh-out-loud funny and his Latinate sentences are a pleasure to read. There is a serious side of the novel too, an unflinching depiction of early 20th century racism which is handled with care and respect. The novel is tightly plotted and provides an enjoyable and thought-provoking insight into Western Australia’s past. ​Fremantle Press has published a gem.

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