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Customer Service Wolf: Comics from the Retail Wilderness

Book Cover of Customer Service Wolf by Anne Barnetson

Customer Service Wolf: Comics from the Retail Wilderness

Author: Anne Barnetson

Illustrator: Anne Barnetson

Publisher: Affirm Press

Anyone who has ever worked in retail will appreciate these clever cartoons; they perfectly capture just how special some customers are. Customer Service Wolf proudly displays the trauma and trials of retail (mainly trauma), and the regular and ridiculous (mainly ridiculous) requests of customers in such a way that people from both sides of the counter will find humour in the portrayal. The final frame in most every scene gives kudos to the shop assistant’s inner wolf and provides a last laugh that is always well-earned. If you’ve walked in the assistant’s shoes, read, relate and laugh. Totally original, these laudable illustrations are brilliantly memorable. Retail truly is a wilderness.

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