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Author: Sue McPherson

Publisher: Magabala Books

Brontide tells the stories of Rob, Pen, Benny Boy and Jack, a mix of Aboriginal and white boys who are in conversation with narrator Sue over the course of a week at Taralune High School. The conversational style perfectly suits the subject matter of this fast-paced, authentic novel, which traverses family, racism, mateship, bullying and risk-taking. The brontide of the title refers to the sound of thunder approaching; the brontide of the novel is the dare-devil act of tarping, where the boys dare each other to sneak under the cover of the back of a stranger’s ute and are rewarded for how far from Taralune they end up. But when it doesn’t go to plan, tarping is a dangerous game. This book is perfectly suited to reluctant teenage readers, especially boys, and there will be plenty of debate over the distinction between fiction and reality. This book was recently deemed one of three 2019 Most Underrated Books, and it is easy to see why.

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