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Baby Business

Baby Business

Author: Jasmine Seymour

Illustrator: Jasmine Seymour

Publisher: Magabala Books

The women and children of a family group gather to welcome a new baby to Country. The Aunties explain the steps of the traditional smoking ceremony (smoke on the baby’s feet, chest, hands, mouth and ears). The smoke is a blessing – protecting the baby from bad spirits and sickness, and connecting the baby to Country. Jasmine Seymour is a Darug woman, and Baby Business is told in English, with a sprinkling of Darug words. (The imprint page includes a mini glossary.) Seymour’s illustrations show the women and children set against muted, smoky backgrounds. This is a beautiful book celebrating belonging, family and respect for Country. Perfect as a new baby gift, it would also be a valuable addition to a classroom collection exploring how different cultures welcome a new baby into the community.

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