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Aussie STEM Stars: Ajay Rane

Aussie STEM Stars: Ajay Rane

Author: Deb Fitzpatrick

Publisher: Wild Dingo Press

Published: July 2022

This is an inspiring true story about the difference one idea, one person and one community can make. Compelling, transporting and full of hope, Ajay Rane: Global Crusader for Women’s Health is recommended reading for anyone feeling jaded by 2022.

The seeds of Ajay Rane’s story were planted two generations earlier when a poverty-stricken village unite its copper coins to pay for one lucky child to attend high school. That child was Ajay’s father, a member of the ‘Untouchable’ caste, who went on to become a surgeon and ultimately returned to his village to build a hospital. Today, Ajay continues his father’s legacy of giving by working tirelessly to support the health of the world’s poorest women – on the ground, in hospital theatres and even in Bollywood!

Fitzpatrick’s writing is evocative, authentic and perfectly pitched to her target readers. She effortlessly handles topics of women’s health and human dignity, and this is recommended reading for girls, boys and adults aged 10 and over.

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