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Angels Weep

Cover of Angels Weep crime novel

Angels Weep

Author: Colin Falconer

Publisher: Hachette

Published: Oct 2020

Colin Falconer is an internationally best-selling author of epic historical fiction and – as he himself says – is best known for his work in this genre. That may soon change, however, as he is also rapidly developing an equally significant reputation as a writer of crime fiction.

Angels Weep is the third book in his ‘DI Charlie George’ series and it’s a fast-paced, well-constructed novel that will keep readers second-guessing to the very end. The narrative begins when a woman snatched off the streets of London and another is taken the very next day.  Are both crimes the work of the same perpetrator?  As the investigation proceeds, a series of truly unpredictable events begins to unfold. Falconer’s protagonist, the very honorable DI Charlie George, is a man of integrity, little sleep, and a dark sense of humour. By no means perfect, he is nonetheless possessed of an inner need to be the best detective he can be. The other characters in this novel take their places on a spectrum that ranges from damaged to beyond redemption.

Angels Weep works perfectly well as a standalone novel but once you finish it you’ll probably be wanting to immerse yourself in books one and two as well.

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