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A Stolen Life: the Bruce Trevorrow Case

Book Cover of A Stolen Life by antonio Buti

A Stolen Life: the Bruce Trevorrow Case

Author: Antonio Buti

Publisher: Fremantle Press

Antonio Buti’s A Stolen Life charts the circumstances behind the removal of Ngarrindjeri man Bruce Trevorrow from his family as a baby by the South Australian Aboriginal Protection Board, and the consequences that removal set in train. A Stolen Life is a triumph of marrying incredibly detailed research with deep characterisation and narrative intrigue. It uses a shifting point-of-view to describe Bruce’s life and the perspectives of the legal team that mounted Australia’s first successful Stolen Generations legal claim against a state government, as well as that of the Justice who oversaw the case. Written in a clear style that belies the complexity of the material, A Stolen Life is also an insiders’ view of how the legal system operates and a fitting testament to the heroic efforts of Trevorrow, his family and legal team in the face of apparently insurmountable odds.

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