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A Diamond in the Dust

A Diamond in the Dust By Frauke Bolten-Boshammer

A Diamond in the Dust

Author: Frauke Bolten-Boshammer

Publisher: Simon & Schuster

Published: October 2018

In the popular field of contemporary memoir, Frauke Bolten-Boshammer’s story stands out. From her childhood in Germany, to her nomination for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards in 2001, Frauke’s life is full of incident, tragedy and triumph. In Sue Smethurst’s retelling, she stands out as an enterprising woman of fortitude, resilience and good humour. Initially appalled when her husband Friedrich Bolten tells her that the family, with three young children, will be moving to a farm in Kununurra, she grows to love the northwest of WA. Through Friedrich’s suicide only three years after that move, her second marriage to Robert Boshammer, the birth of two more children, the death of her son Peter, and her gradual establishment of what is now a world-renowned jewellery business, Kimberley Fine Diamonds, Frauke is undaunted. This is a modest celebration of a remarkable woman, her family, and the environment that becomes her home.

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