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6222 Syllables

The book cover of 6222 Syllables by Sarah Furtner

6222 Syllables

Author: Sarah Furtner

Publisher: Silver Balloon Productions

6222 Syllables is a collection of 366 haikus, one for every day in a leap year.  Although classic in terms of syllable count, their subject matter is contemporary and wide-ranging, covering the domestic, family life, food, beverages, friendship, nostalgia, reality TV, Instagram, meth-heads, love, work, children, money, and everything in-between. Sarah Furtner is also a comedian and this shows in the wry and witty nature of her first book. Her insights are sad, funny, wise, and personal. Using an ancient form in a modern way, this collection – with its lovely cover – is a thought-provoking reflection on life as a mother and human being in the 21st century.

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