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Raine Square Short Story Dispenser

Short Story Dispenser in Raine Square

We are so excited to announce that thanks to the literature-loving team at Raine Square, Perth now has its first Short Story Dispenser.

The Dispensers are a French invention that can be found in more than 300 locations across the globe – from San Francisco to Melbourne, Hong-Kong, Paris, London and Philadelphia – delivering literary experiences to people in airports, libraries, wineries, cafes and other unexpected places. Readers can select and print stories of varying lengths, from 1 minute to 3 and 5 minutes, as frequently as they wish – all completely free!

To help celebrate the launch of the Raine Square Short Story Dispenser, Writing WA was enlisted to commission short stories and poems by 20 Perth writers. Over the past couple of months it’s been a real thrill to read the work that has been created by a diverse group of writers including: Alton Walley, Amanda Bridgeman, Amy Budrikis, Baran Rostamian, David Whish-Wilson, Elizabeth Tan, Emily Paull, Gillian O’Shaughnessy, Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse, Holden Sheppard, Jay Anderson, Jo Newman, Laurie Steed, Nadia Rhook, Natalie D-Napoleon, Nicki Blake, Rashida Murphy, Richard Rossiter, Stephen Kinanne and Susan Midalia.

You can now find Perth’s first Dispenser in Raine Square. For our regional subscribers and others who just can’t get into the city, you can still access the stories online.

Writing WA is confident that the Raine Square Short Story Dispenser will present many more opportunities for WA writers to become involved and have their work showcased over time. Additionally, Short Edition, the French-based company behind the project, is offering a range of very accessible pathways for publication which writers can investigate via their website.

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